2015 Born-Again Farm Prayer Day

On March 11th, join other born-again farmers in the Third Annual Born-Again Farm Prayer Day. On this day born-again farmers around the country and the world will join together to pray for God’s blessing on each other’s farms.

As born-again farmers we are very aware of our dependence upon God for our provision and livelihood. We can’t make seeds sprout, cause rain to fall, enable animals to conceive and give birth, or make people buy our produce. God is the only one who can grant us success. One of the primary ways we can show our dependence on God is by praying and asking for His blessing and provision upon our farms. And I believe that God listens to the prayers of His people.

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

On the farm prayer day I would encourage us to pray for each other in two areas:

1. First, I would encourage us to pray for the Lord to change our hearts and make us into more Christ-like farmers. God-glorifying agriculture starts with the born-again hearts of farmers. I know that there are many areas of my heart that still need changing if I am going to glorify the Lord on my farm.

2. Second, let’s pray that the Lord would so bless the production and fruitfulness of our farms this year that people would marvel when they see them. Then we will be able to point to God as the source of our success, and give Him all the Glory.

Anyone interested in participating should do the following:

A. In the comments of this post, briefly describe yourself and your farm/garden/agrarian interests. Then list a few specific areas in which you would like the Lord to help you become a more Christ-like farmer. Finally, list specific ways you would like the Lord to bless the production of your land this year.

B. On March 11th, set aside at least one meal during the day to fast and use that time to go through the comments on this blog and pray for all the needs listed by your fellow Christian farmers.

I am looking forward to this as I do every year! Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested. May we be strengthened in our faith as we join together in committing our lives, our families, and our farms to God.

“Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him.” Genesis 26:12

The Compost Gospel

December2013 628

In Romans 1:20 we read that we can see God’s nature displayed in the things He created. So when we farm to the glory of God, we don’t just ‘tack’ Him onto what we do, but we seek to discover more of Him as we work with the Creation that manifests His Glory. This makes our witness more genuine as we seek to make incorporate disciplemaking into our work of creation stewardship. It is much more effective to help people discover Jesus through things like farming than it is to relegate talk about Him to the merely ‘religious sphere’ of our lives.

One good example of this is the “Compost Gospel” which I heard about from a young couple I met in Zimbabwe who teach Foundations for Farming to the poor in southern Africa. “Compost Gospel” is essentially a way that they discovered to explain the gospel to people while teaching them to make thermal compost piles. I wanted to share this at the conference we held last year so I asked them to describe it to me again and the following is what they sent me (edited).

“When you’ve already explained the compost making quickly, you ask the people: What do we normally call that (referring to/showing the heaps of green/brown materials, things like cut grass or leaves). They normally answer “garbage”, or if they don’t you ask again,”before you knew that it could be useful,what did you call that heaps of stuff lying in your backyard?” Then you say… “Garbage, right? We call it garbage.”

Now before I or we came to Christ, we were much like garbage, I was also like that, garbage. BUT, then when I/we came to Christ, we were baptised and put in the body of Christ. (While saying this you take some of the brown/green (whichever) material and dunk it in the water and put it in between the four composting poles.)

But inside the body of Christ (motion with your hand to the space between the 4 poles defining the started pile) we cannot just be comfortable. Like the compost material we need to be broken down (die to self).

And then we can’t just stay inside of the body of Christ (we are no good when we are just staying there). Like the compost,we need to go out into the world (be applied to the poor soil), to reach out and spread the good news that Jesus Christ is alive! To go out and bring life to the world around us.”